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PSWriteNetLib®is an SDK consisting of a .NET assembly, API documentation and demo Visual Studio project for professional .NET developers who must create PostScript documents on an industrial scale.

You are developing a financial management application for a credit card company. The application must generate 20 million statements a month for eventual mailing to customers. The statements must be in PostScript for excellent print characteristics and compatibility with multiple print vendors.

While a PostScript printer driver can create standard PostScript, it must take its instructions from a rasterized document to work. This would mean each page of each statement would need to be created in RAM so that the driver could create the required PostScript. For several hundred statements that would not be an issue, but for millions of statements, its not practical. What you need is a way to create the statements without RIP'ing (Rasterization Image Processing) them.

PSWriteNetLib® is an ideal solution for no-RIP PostScript document generation. With PSWriteNetLib®, you just create an instance of a PSDocument object and call its methods to write the statements to an output PostScript file.  Then use DirectPrint® to send the output PostScript file to a printer. The number of pages is not important to PSWriteNetLib®. Its only limited by the amount of available disk space. And the PostScript that is outputted by the library is standard PostScript that can be utilized by any PostScript device adhering to the Adobe PostScript level 3 language specification. The output is merely text that can be read and parsed for postal processing or other needs at will.

PSWriteNetLib® hides the complexity of the PostScript language from the developer. She just calls the methods she needs to create the output. This speeds development time and the whole team benefits.


bulletPostScript forms support
bulletEmbedded font support
bulletEmbedded image support
bulletEmbedded EPS file support (in PSForm objects)
bulletGraphics methods
bulletDashed and solid lines
bulletFilled and unfilled rectangles
bulletFilled and unfilled circles
bulletPie Chart support
bulletText methods
bulletLeft Justification
bulletCenter Justification
bulletRight Justification
bulletKerning Adjustment
bulletParagraph Usage
bulletFull API Documentation
bulletDemo Visual Studio Projects
bulletNo other software needed (other than the .NET framework)

Download your trial version of PSWriteNetLib® now:

bullet PSWriteNetLib® for CLR 1.1
bullet PSWriteNetLib® Documentation

Cost: $149.00 per developer to buy. No royalties required. No other limits.

System Requirements

bullet For CLR 1.1 Version
bullet Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP 6 or higher
bullet .NET Framework 1.1
bullet Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 or Studio Express

To purchase PSWriteNetLib For CLR 1.1:

bulletUninstall any trial version you may have downloaded and installed PRIOR to purchasing a license.
bullet Click here to Purchase a license. After the transaction is complete a download link will appear on the final purchase page. Click on that link to download and install the full version.



Our flagship product, PSWriteNetLib version 1.0.1 for CLR 1.1 is now available.

With PSWriteNetLib developers can programmatically create device independent PostScript 3 page descriptions on the fly.
You can download a free trial version.

Create PostScript page descriptions on an industrial scale.

Documentation for our high capacity PostScript SDK.

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